La Flor de Cano incorporates a new vitola into its regular portfolio

Habanos, S.A. releases one new La Flor de Cano vitola which is incorporated into the regular Habanos portfolio.


Elegidos, (50 ring gauge  x 127 mm length) is the vitola with heavy ring gauge of 50  that is introduced for the first time into the brand’s portfolio. This is the ideal Habano for those who enjoy médium strength Habanos made with short filler.

All La Flor de Cano Habanos are made with leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo* (D.O.P)* and Semi Vuelta zones, in the  Pinar del Río* region (P.A.O)  and it is well known for its strength and being produced “Totalmente a Mano tripa corta”, “Totally handmade with short filler” technique.

The “Totalmente a Mano tripa corta”- “Totally handmade with short filler”, is also recognized as another Habano making technique within the regulatory council for the Protected Appellation of Origin (P.A.O)

For making the blend for short filler Habanos, the torcedor- cigar roller combines with other selected chopped tobaccos leaves and rolls the filler  into full-length binder leaves with the aid of a flexible mat fixed to his bench to form a firm bunch. The wrapper is applied by hand in the normal fashion.

La Flor de Cano Elegidos, specially conceived for those  who desire a balanced and aromatic  and medium flavour Habano, that makes it the ideal partner for  a short smoking time.

La Flor de Cano Elegidos is coming to the different shops all around the world in its box of 10 units.

Later on will be arriving in a display of 15 units.


La Flor de Cano Elegidos

Brand:                        La Flor de Cano

Commercial size :     Elegidos

Factory name :          Lirios

Measures:                  50 ring gauge x 127 mm length

Presentation:             SLB of 10 units


* Protected Appellation of Origin (P. A.O))