Por Larrañaga Galanes

Por Larrañaga, launches a new vitola which introduces the 52 ring gauge in its portfolio for the first time. 

The historic brand of Habanos created in 1834, presents the new vitola  Galanes, which extends this brand’s range of vitolas by incorporating the 52 ring gauge  for the first time.

Por Larrañaga Galanes is the selected name for this new vitola (52 ring gauge x 120mm length) in line with current heavy trends in these last times.

Galanes with the same factory name and regular shape are produced “Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga”- Totally handmade with Long Filler and it is an attractive option for those who enjoy heavy ring gauges and light to medium strength Habanos.

The filler and binder leaves are coming from Vuelta Abajo* and Semi Vuelta zones, located in Pinar del Río* region, Cuba*.

Por Larrañaga Galanes is arriving now to the different markets in its Semi Boite Nature (SBN) presentation of 10 units.


•      Brand :                      Por Larrañaga

•      Commercial Size:    Galanes

•      Factory name:          Galanes

•      Measures :               52 ring gauge  x 120 mm length

•      Presentation:           SBN of 10 units


* Protected Appellations of Origin  (P.A.O.)