“Celebration with Habanos in Ivory Coast”

Wednesday, May 19th, an event was organized to celebrate the official premiere of the documentary “África Mía” which narrates the story of the famous group MARAVILLAS DE MALI. “África Mía” tells the story of seven young Malians who travelled to Cuba to studied music in La Havana in 1964.







This beautiful film highlights the cultural ties between Cuba and Mali. The celebration was organized by the company “Zino Cigars”, the official client of the Exclusive Habanos Distributor “Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus”, for the region.







The selected venue for this occasion was the French Institute of the city of Abidjan, in Ivory Coast. Prior to the preview of the documentary, a cocktail was organized, and the participants had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Partagas Series D No. 4, accompanied by some drinks and snack. The preview ceremony saw the participation of Maestro Boncana Maïga, conductor of Maravillas de Mali, Richard Minier, director of the documentary film and Kamal Daswani, CEO of ZINO Cote d’Ivoire.