The First Cigar Box to reach the Top of The World! Saint Luis Rey Herfing!

On the 24th of May at 05:30 am, for the very first time, a single box of cigars reached the highest summit of 8,848 meters on top of Mountain Everest!

Mr. Staroselskiy, a Ukrainian-Cypriot citizen, managedto scale to the highest summit in the world and to markthis impressive achievement at the age of 58.  As on one of the founders and main guides of the 7 Summits Club Cyprus, Master of Sports of the USSR in Mountaineering, and title holder of “Snow Leopard” (13 peaks over 7000m), he haspreviouslyclimbed over 120 different summits and mountain routes, in different countries such as Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Caucasus, Tanzania, Nepal, Pakistan, Ukraine and Elbrus.

It was Mr. Staroselskiy’s first time climbing Everest and his life-long dream/challenge to conquer the tallest mountain peak in the world, and he did so from the more difficult route of the North Col side of the mountain.

“Herfing” does not exist as a word. It is a common acceptable slang-expression used throughout the cigar enthusiasts’ community to describe a cigar gathering of people enjoying a smoke together.So, Mr. Staroselskiy, was intrigued and excited as well to carry the box, as its name symbolized the immense effort (as a group and personal) it would take for this expedition to be successful.

As climbers from various parts of the world carry with them differentvalues/keepsakes to Everest such as maybe a wife’s photo, a flag of one’s country or an icon, it was theidea and curiosity to see the very first box of cigars reach the top of Everest, as it’s never been done before.

The Saint Luis Herfing box No. 8 was specifically chosen for this journey, representing “Luck” in the Chinese culture, and in reference to the 8,848 m tall peak.

The box returned intact as it was sealed inside a humi-bag large enough to maintain the box in optimal conditions, and will be auctioned during the event for the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Phoenicia in Beirut, on the 8th of November 2019, withall proceeds togo towards a charity.