J.L. Piedra new image

Habanos, S.A. has been redesigning the brand José L. Piedra with two clear goals: to improve and update the image of the Brand and fulfill the new regulations established in different markets to facilitate its registration in diferente countries.

The Habanos Brand José L. Piedra will be presented in the market with a new and more modern image. The logo will be simplified and combined with the actual design of the bands and historical trimmings, gaining a better look and a fresh image.

Right now, the redesign has been focused only in the packagings  and image of the Brand and we hope that in a nearby future  we can adjust the bands to this new image.

Along with the redesigning of the brand, the bundles have been also modified from 25 to 12 units  to offer an option to motivate the market and help its selling. In doing, we are adapting our product to the needs of the markets and taking into account  your feedback.

In the particular case José L. Piedra Petit Caballeros, will be presented  with the new image, the 12 units bundle and the 15 units display with cardboard of 3 Habanos each.

The pack change and the new image will gradually enter the different references and both and both designs of the brand’s image José L. Piedra will be coexisting in the market at the same time.