El Rey del Mundo

In 1882 the Antonio Allones factory, which had been making Habanos for over 30 years, decided to launch a new brand of premium quality and price. With great confidence but little modesty it was named El Rey del Mundo – The King of the World. It proved a winner.
This success lives on to this day in a selected range of Habanos renowned for its light to medium flavour and consistency.
All sizes contain a blend of filler and binder tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo zone and are made by the Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made – technique.


  • Light to Medium

Choix Supreme Vitola de Galera: Hermoso No. 4
Length: 127 mm (5″)
Ring Gauge: 48 (19.05 mm)
Coronas De Luxe Vitola de Galera: Coronas
Length: 142 mm (5 5/8″)
Ring Gauge: 42 (16.67 mm)
Demi Tasse Vitola de Galera: Entreactos
Length: 100 mm (4″)
Ring Gauge: 30 (11.91 mm)
Grandes de España Vitola de Galera: Delicados
Length: 192 mm (7 1/2″)
Ring Gauge: 38 (15.08 mm)
Lunch Club Vitola de Galera: Franciscanos
Length: 116 mm (4 5/8″)
Ring Gauge: 40 (15.88 mm)
Petit Coronas Vitola de Galera: Marevas
Length: 129 mm (5 1/8″)
Ring Gauge: 42 (16.67 mm)
Taínos Vitola de Galera: Julieta No. 2
Length: 178 mm (7″)
Ring Gauge: 47 (18.65 mm)