Diplomáticos is a comparatively recent brand dating from the 1960’s. It bears a marked resemblance to Montecristo, using numbers not names to describe its sizes.
All sizes are Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made – using a blend of filler and binder tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo zone.


  • Medium to Full

Diplomáticos No.1 Vitola de Galera: Cervantes
Length: 165 mm (6 1/2″)
Ring Gauge: 42 (16.67 mm)
Diplomáticos No.2 Vitola de Galera: Pirámides
Length: 156 mm (6 1/8″)
Ring Gauge: 52 (20.64 mm)
Diplomáticos No.3 Vitola de Galera: Coronas
Length: 142 mm (5 5/8″)
Ring Gauge: 42 (16.67 mm)
Diplomáticos No.4 Vitola de Galera: Marevas
Length: 129 mm (5 1/8″)
Ring Gauge: 42 (16.67 mm)
Diplomáticos No.5 Vitola de Galera: Perlas
Length: 102 mm (4″)
Ring Gauge: 40 (15.88 mm)